Friday, September 27, 2013

Locally Grown Produce at Thai Smoothie & Grill

By: Janay Laville Crump and Ayana Chamness
UOG Student Interns

Christopher Quitano had a dream to become his own boss and with the motivation his wife bestowed in him, it became possible. In 2010, after participating in the Guam SBDC Microcredit Training program, successfully completing the twelve-workshop program, prior experience in running a small smoothie business in Saipan and working in a purchasing department, he opened his doors to the people of Guam.

Three years later, Thai Smoothie and Grill has developed a loyal following of customers that crave their authentic local cuisine and fresh fruit smoothies. The unique feature of this mobile food business is that most of the vegetables found in their dishes are locally grown. When arriving at Thai Smoothie and Grill, one can see the display of the herbs and vegetables growing in small pots surrounding the canteen. There is an assortment of lemon grass, papaya, hot pepper, basil, spearmint, chafer lime, egg plants and Thai ginger. Your mouth will water with delight when tasting their green curry: fresh eggplant with a touch of coconut milk. Then, you can cool off by indulging in their ube-coconut flavored smoothie.

When asked why they grow their produce rather than buy, Christopher responded that the weather here on Guam makes it possible to grow your own herbs and vegetables. He stressed that he makes the time to plant what will be used in Thai Smoothie and Grill and also extends the benefits to his family. “There are some herbs you just can’t find in stores or markets.” This makes Thai Smoothie and Grill uniquely delicious.

Christopher wishes to expand his business for the natural reasons of making life more comfortable for his wife, daughter and two little boys, but there are other reasons that drive him as well. “Every (working) day is beautiful.” He mentioned that the comments from his customers about the food only inspire him to do more for the community and even open another mobile canteen. Through the years he had to make sacrifices to be as successful as he is now. “Don’t be afraid to open that door, challenges are always there, take it one at a time and don’t give up.”
Thai Smoothie and Grill is a small location with big and fresh flavors. It is best to order in advance, or you might miss out on their fresh spring rolls accompanied by authentic peanut sauce! They are on the corner of Rte. 4 and Dero Rd. in Ordot and open Monday through Friday, 7am-6pm and Saturday and Holidays, 10am-6pm.

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