Friday, August 30, 2013

Sansrik Laundromat: NOW OPEN!

By: Skiller Jackson


(Kosrae SBDC)


Mr. Grant H. Ismael and his wife, Kenye, have been dreaming of opening up a business on their piece of land at Sansrik, in the Lelu Municipality. The couple has been residing in the Utwe Municipality for more than 15 years. They have passed through this parcel of land every day while going to and from work, visiting family members in the Lelu Municipality, and doing family shopping.

Front View of Sansrik Laundromat
Mr. Grant Ismael has been working for the Kosrae State Government for the past several years as the Administrator for the Kosrae Visitors Bureau. His wife used to work for the Kosrae State Government for two years as a practical nurse and a legal aid for a local law attorney for a year. Due to family obligations with their kids, Mrs. Kenye Grant refrained from her government jobs.

Around that time, Mr. Grant Ismael came to visit the Kosrae SBDC to start planning for a laundry business for his family. Along the way, a business plan draft was completed and left in his possession for almost seven years. As their kids matured and are now attending school, the couple decided to reactivate their laundry business plan.

On July 2012, Mr. Grant Ismael contacted the Kosrae SBDC for assistance in updating his business plan and to make the necessary updates and revisions to the cost of building materials and laundry machines. After several counseling sessions with the Kosrae SBDC staff, the plan was updated and sent to the Pacific Island Development Bank for review and comment.

Washers and Dryers at Sansrik Laundromat

Earlier this year, on February 19, 2013, Mr. Grant Ismael’s loan request for a laundry business was approved. One month later, the Sansrik Laundromat was opened for business. The Kosrae SBDC would like to congratulate Mr. Grant Ismael and his wife Kenye Grant for their efforts in making their dream become reality. The Sansrik Laundromat is opened for business from Monday to Saturday. Hours of operations are from 7:00am to 10:30pm. The Sansrik Laundromat has made life much easier for the Sansrik Community as they used to drive for at least 3 to 4 miles to the nearest laundry service.

For more information on the services and operations of the Sansrik Laundromat, please call the owner (Mr. Grant Ismael) or manager (Mrs. Kenye Grant) at telephone number 370-4900 or 370-7208.

For more information on how the Kosrae SBDC can help you, please call (691)370-2751, email, or visit