Monday, October 2, 2017

The Modern Bump: The Boutique for Moms-to-Be

By: Jane Ray
Business Advisor
(Guam SBDC)

Good news to all hip mothers and newborns on Guam!  A new store solely dedicated to all of your needs has just arrived on the market.  It is not a big secret that many moms on Guam have resorted to the Internet to look for the latest and greatest supplies for themselves and their young ones.  Unfortunately, sometimes we just do not have the patience to wait for it to arrive in snail mail.  Now, there is a new store on Guam that is dedicating their efforts in satisfying the trending needs of mothers and babies.      

The Modern Bump opened their doors in November 2016 with the idea to provide local expecting and nursing moms with options to have comfortable, modern, and stylish  maternity wear.  The focus of the store is to bring in modern wear for all stages of pregnancy in addition to baby clothing and accessories for baby related products.  Ednalyna Martin, owner of The Modern Bump, a dedicated mom and teacher, understood and experienced the difficulty of finding a limited selection when she was going through her pregnancies. 

Ednalyna is a school teacher at heart and part of a family of five with two adorable, outgoing girls and a beautiful angel baby boy.  She saw the need of providing modern style maternity wear to moms everywhere.  Inspired by her two daughters and students, she decided to pursue her own dream of business ownership.  At the beginning of her business, she was fearful of venturing into business and hesitant to apply for a commercial loan to help with her business needs.  She felt pressure and first had to use her family’s savings to fund the startup.  She started her business at a booth at the Agana Shopping Center’s Market Place.       

She was referred to seek the assistance from the Guam Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and further plan her business.  In addition, she was looking for assistance and guidance to manage and run a business.  An SBDC Business Advisor was able to guide and provide her with a clear path.  She felt more confident in the business plan that she had developed and is now more informed when evaluating her daily business decisions.  She does not only base her decisions on her knowledge but also incorporates and listens to inputs from her greatest business partners: her customers.

She feels that the biggest challenge in the startup process was taking the first leaps of faith and deciding to become a business owner.  After encouraging her students to believe in themselves and follow their dreams, she decided that she needed to do the same.  She believes that working hard and not giving up are the keys to becoming a successful entrepreneur.  Another factor that has helped her during the startup process is having supportive friends and family that helped her during the first few months of opening the first store and the grand opening of the second location.  Because of the enormous support that she received, she was able to turn her dream into reality which entailed moving from the Market Place upstairs to the 1st floor of the Agana Shopping Center on July 1st this year. 

Modern Bump offers a variety of pre- and postnatal maternity wear that are modern in style.  Additionally, it carries baby apparels, including locally made brand names, accessories, strollers, and earth-friendly cloth diapers.  You can visit them on the 1st floor of Agana Shopping Center, located not too far from Tony Roma’s or you check them out on Facebook at to see the latest products and promotions.    

For more information on how the Guam SBDC can assist you, contact their main office at 671-735-2590 or visit