Friday, December 9, 2016

Discover Guam through Local Ambassadors

By: Jane Ray
Business Advisor

Martha Hara was born in National City, California and had lived abroad-wherever her father was stationed-throughout her childhood. She moved to Guam, her father’s birthplace, in 2007 to start a new journey. Through those travels and experiences with different cultures and communities, it gave her a more profound appreciation for what she is doing today.   

Hara has been the Managing Director for LIMA Corporation dba Discover Guam since October 2009. In her tenure, she managed the airport and tour operations, managed contracts for various clients, and oversaw the general management of operations. Hara has over 35 years of business operations and project management experience, over 15 years in sales, advertising, marketing, media and public relations, and eight years in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. So when the founder decided to sell the company, it only made sense to Hara to purchase the business but she just did not know how. She has always worked hard for other people, but this was her first opportunity to own a business and grow with it. 

Hara had several business associates that she approached regarding investment, but each asked if she had a business plan and financial projections. As she had never been in this position before, Hara sought assistance from the Guam Small Business Development Center (Guam SBDC). Hara met with business advisor, Jane Ray, who guided Hara with preparing the business plan and financials required to submit for an SBA commercial loan. Her biggest challenge was that she did not own any assets or have a strong credit background since her move back to Guam. Since she could not qualify for an SBA loan, Hara had to go through applying for commercial loan with a business partner who could offer his assets as collateral. 

Hara looks forward to expanding Discover Guam’s tour markets in the short term. As for Hara’s long term goal for Discover Guam, she plans to involve her children in the business so they can continue to represent Discover Guam with the Hafa Adai spirit. Hara stated, “Being Guamanian, Japanese ethnicity I enjoy the environment of both Chamorro and Japanese cultures here on Guam. As a certified tour guide, I take pride in sharing our island’s history, culture, and beauty with our visitors.” 

Discover Guam is 27 years old, debt free, and has earned an award winning reputation in the tourism industry. They offer an Airport Ambassador Program and are available for private and custom tours. For more information, visit or contact their office at 671-649-TOUR (8687). 

To inquire on the SBDC services, contact their main office at 671-735-2590 or visit