Friday, May 2, 2014

Island Mart Opens Doors for Business

By: Ketsen Haregaichig


Chuuk SBDC


Mr. and Mrs. Hersin Ruben from the Island of Fefan in the Southern Namoneas Region opened the doors of Island Mart. Island Mart is comprised of several businesses including the wholesaler/retailer of general merchandise, a gas station, an ice block maker, and sea transportation.

The store first started in a small room in a rented house in Sefin, Weno and four years later was relocated across the airport. After five years of operation, Mr. Ruben purchased a piece of property within the downtown area and established another wooden store. Years later, Mr. Ruben constructed a new two story building and was completed in September of last year.
The Chuuk Small Business Development Center (SBDC) was there to assist with free consultation and offer advice on how to prepare their business plan especially in the financial projection area to request financing from the bank. Because of SBDC’s help and the Hersin’s willingness and determination to complete their business plan, they were able to secure a line of credit from the FSM Development Bank. This line of credit helped them purchase additional inventory before the grand opening of the new two-story Island Mart.

On September 30, 2013 a small crowd gathered for the grand opening and blessing ceremony of the store which stands in the heart of downtown area, Weno. The new two story mart is conveniently located right in the corner of the main road and the road to the Transco Dock which caters to businesses and commuters who accept exceptional services and good quality, inexpensive items.  

On our quick walk through the beautifully redecorated store, we found the prices to be more competitive on some of the items we had the opportunity to see. There was a large selection of meat cuts, frozen foods, and ice cream presented in the well stocked refrigerators and freezers. On the second floor, we found clothing for both men and women and the offices for the manager and the owners. Outside the owner’s office, there was another space for customers to sit and see the view of the beautiful islands in the lagoon.
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